Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Sharpton 'Rides That Donkey' To Boston

MSNBC portrayed Reverend Al as a side show

The talking heads on MSNBC's coverage of the Democratic National Convention behaved in a utterly disgraceful, nearly racists manner towards Rev. Al Sharpton's speech tonight.

Hardball's Chris Matthews and Howard Fineman assailed Sharpton's speech even before it was given. They said he had no business being there, had no constituency and was unelected.

Fineman is a journalist known for scooping the Monica Lewinsky scandal from, a then, unknown internet gossip site named The Drudge Report and owes his punditry to that fact. Fineman described Sharpton as something of a joke. "He didn't win a primary. He showed up for debates; was quick-witted, funny and entertaining."

Was Fineman describing some sort of circus clown or court jester? Black people are only good for sports and music?

Sharpton's speech was sensational. Not only did he speak directly to African-Americans, but also to the base. His zingers excited the crowd and had me cheering. He was visibly outraged by comments President Bush made last Friday, questioning the Democrat true zeal for the welfare of African-Americans.

"We were promised 40 acres and a mule. We're still waiting for the 40 acres and still haven't got mule. So we're going ride this donkey all the way to the White House."

MSNBC, then chose to cut into speech, further denigrating Sharpton. Matthews mused that Sharpton's career began on a lie, by accusing New York cops of raping a young black girl which was later found to be untrue. MSNBC proceeded to cut back to a shot of Sharpton screaming, but without sound. It gave the impression of a stark-raving mad lunatic at the podium.

Whether he's a clown or a charletan, the fact remains that Sharpton says exactly what African-Americans and many Democrats believe; that the Republican party shows utter contempt for their plight. How else could Sharpton get away with saying if it were up to Republicans back in the 50's, Clarence Thomas wouldn't have even made it to law school!

91% of African-Americans voted against George W. Bush in 2000. Still, the most amazing statistic that I have ever seen. 9 out of 10 of a group of people voted against a candidate and it's very likely the same numbers will pull the lever for Kerry in November.

African-Americans do not vote in high numbers. It is imperative, given the certainty of democratic votes, that this party get as many African-Americans to the polls as possible.

Besides, are there any another African-American statesman out there? Therein lies the real problem. The lack of any cultivation of African-American leaders in America. Barack Obama, we're waiting for you.


Pops said...

Hammond as Mathews- Is that Paul Shaffer as Fineman?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it!
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