Monday, August 02, 2004

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Must Reads from around the Globe

Raider quits partying in time for training camp
My neighbor, Doug Gabriel, had some good things written about him in the Sunday Contra Costa Times.

It quotes a pre-draft scouting report that says, "he lacked maturity."

Tell me about it. With trainng camp up and running, I haven't heard a peep from Dougie Fresh in days. He must be too sore.....OR.....this white boy scared the bejeebies out of him and his pahtnah, too! I will offer this full disclosure, I was wearing a Colonel Sanders-type outfit when he rang me doorbell.

Turner speaks out on Media Consolidation
Ted Turner wrote an interesting, if not ironic piece in the latest Washington Monthly. Turner argues that big media is stifling competition and the quest for profits is acting as a form of censorship.
What will programming be like when it's produced for no other purpose than
profit? What will news be like when there are no independent news organizations
to go after stories the big corporations avoid?...Its job is to seek profits.

The irony is that the ruthless Turner, himself, tried to control all parts of CNN and TBS' infrastructure in the 1980s.

Playbook on dealing with Nader
A story in today's New York Times reveals some possible ways of dealing with Ralph Nader's run for President.

A pollster interviewed for the story says that most Nader backers tend to be stodgy, older codgers:
Polling shows, [they] are older and angrier than other voters. They
are fiercely against globalization and corporate dominance, and they are largely
indifferent to social issues like abortion and gay marriage.
One thing is for sure and reinforced by this story. Nader is in for the long haul and it remains to be seen whether he actually relevant. He's on the ballot in only six states, but one of them is Florida.

Cheney resorts to Fascism, again
An Associated Press story over the weekend says that Democrats trying to attend a speech by Dick Cheney were asked to sign a "loyalty pledge" to endorse George W. Bush in order to receive tickets.


Anonymous said...

Fat Heads, Fat Cats and Fascism...a big Monday on the LFR...guess you were saving up from last week. you realize your readers have to sign up at each newpaper website to get to most of the article links? Kind of a bugger. Anyway, about that frikkin' DG thing...nice pic, Colonel, but I heard you were dressed like Popeye and Olive Oyl was holding yer' Swee' Pea..."That's alls I can stands, and I can't stands no more!" Toot toot.

MrYosemite said...

Hey, what's with all this talk about Doug Gabriel, Colonel Sanders, Nader, Cheney, Bush, and Turner? When are you going to talk about some bitches? Or at the very least, some kangaroos!