Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Round 1: Tavares vs Noh

> > > >At 01:05 AM 8/31/2004 -0700, Matt Santos wrote:> > > > >
I don't care how you guys vote, but no one can deny that Rudy G is one heck of a public speaker-

> > > > >>> John Noh > 08/31/04 07:42AM >>>> > > >I wrote on my whiteboard at work this morning:
> > > >
> > > >Giuliani/McCain '08
> > > >
> > > >Unbeatable ticket!!!!!! The GOP will have the White House for 16yrs straight> > > >
> > > >Sit and spin on that, Turkeyass

> > >At 08:52 AM 8/31/2004 -0700, Steven Tavares wrote:
> > > >Don't you think John McCain would have a problem that? Racist mayors
> > > >usually don't trump senior senators.
> > > >
> > > >Oh, I can think of someone who could easily beat Giuliani. Her name is
> > > >Hillary and Rudy already avoided her by conveniently having cancer.
> What! Republicans: Strong on Defense(?), Weak on can-do American spirit.

> > > >>> John Noh > 08/31/04 09:00AM >>>
> > >Come on, Stevie!!
> > >
> > >Even your dour, no-can-do attitude can't really bring me down today. All
> > >signs point up for W in the election. Kerry painted himself into a corner
> > >by declaring that he's the "Vietnam Vet" candidate for the presidency and
> > >now all he can do is play defense trying to defend his service 30 years
> > >ago. He has no one to blame but himself?
> > >
> > >Meanwhile, we have guys like Rudy to tell American's about Kerry's
> > >political record and why it'd be a disaster to elect him. Line of the year,
> > >bro: "[John] Edwards needs two Americas so Kerry can vote for a measure in
> > >one America and then against the very same measure in the other."
> > >
> > >Big Mo on W's side!!!!!! This is the beginning of the end for Kedwards. As
> >the McDonald's ad says "I'm lovin' it!!"

> >At 09:12 AM 8/31/2004 -0700, Steven Tavares wrote:> > >Your faux optimism is so easy to see through, bro. Maybe it's because
> > >nothing is going on in the news and you're suddenly dancing on the ceiling.
> > >
> > >It's the beginning of the end? Don't forget to explain the Bush's newfound
> > >defeatist attitude. It's very charming. I guess you can call his impending
> > >victory a "catastrophic victory"?
> > >
> > >About Rudy. I saw him with Tim Russert and it seemed he was against every
> > >standard Republican platform. The only thing Bush and Giuliani have in
> > >common is that both stood on ruble and said everything will be ok and
> > >viola! everybody forgot what bastards they were. Well, the world quickly
> > >remembered Bushie.
> > >
> > >John Kerry painted himself into a corner by being a Vietnam vet? You're
> > >forgetting everything said about him was a lie. How about I say you didn't
> > >really graduate from college. I don't know? No one ever saw Johnny Noh
> > >accept his diploma. If he did, I know of some classmates that will say he
> > >cheated on his midterm. Johnny Noh went to college? So what! Anybody can
> > >go to college!
> > >
> > >There you go, all lies. Now everybody knows Johnny Noh cheated on a test,
> > >maybe never even graduated and, if he did, so what? Anybody can go to
> > college.

> > >>> John Noh > 08/31/04 09:24AM >>>
> >No, John Kerry painted himself into a corner by making his Vietnam service
> >the keystone to winning the elections. Dumb and dumber!!! Especially when
> >his actions right AFTER the war was so anathematic to veterans.
> >
> >Uhm, go ahead and keep thinking that Republicans aren't happy about how the
> >elections are beginning to shape up, Sparky. It'll be over soon enough. My
> >only regret is that I have to hear your and other liberal whiny-ass
>complaints for four more years.

>At 09:30 AM 8/31/2004 -0700, Steven Tavares wrote:
> >Everybody! Gather around! Johnny Noh here fell for it. He is suffering
> >from Historical Amnesia. The Vietnam War, just like this "war" on
> >terrorism was a just and honorable war and everyone agreed we should have
> >been there. Those kids at Kent State just got in the way of those bullets,
> >right?
> >
> >He fought for his country, something neither of us would do and returned
> >against the war. How can you find anything wrong with that? Do you think
> >he saw anything pretty over there? Bush did. He was banging some broad and
>pouring boos down his throat while this was happening.

> >>> John Noh > 08/31/04 09:43AM >>>
>I have NO problems with John Kerry having served in Vietnam. I am grateful
>and respectful of his service to this country as I am of any veterans. I am
>troubled by his actions and comments bad-mouthing his own service, the
>service of other veterans, and this country in general right after the war.
>AND, unlike you apparently, I fully agree that the veterans who are now
>against him have every right to voice their anger (which has been pent up
>for decades) at Kerry's post-service actions.
>So, for the one millionth time, the discussion isn't about Kerry's service
>in Vietnam. It's about:
>1. His exploitation of his service in Vietnam as his primary qualification
>for seeking the presidency and the resistance by these angry veterans to
>that effort
>2. His radicalism after the war, which many people view as outright betrayal.
>To put in terms you can understand, Steve...Kerry's service in Vietnam =
>Good, Kerry's actions after Vietnam = Bad, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth =
>Bad news for Kerry.

At 10:01 AM 8/31/2004 -0700, Steven Tavares wrote:
>You're delusional.
>By the way, I enjoyed all those Asians giving speeches last night.
>I just spoke with Toby "formaldehyde Pants" [Toby Wolff was a paraplegic who was in our jounralism class. He always stank and ate liver sandwiches] and he says you cheated on
>your biology quiz and used a #1 pencil on the scantron.
>I call on you to return your AA degree to Chabot College immediately. I'm
>also call on Cisco to fire you for lying about your education.
>I awaiting a call from Alligator Arm Boy [an unknown guy who walked around Chabot College and had short arms like a T-Rex] about whether you indeed passed
>swimming in high school.
>You're such a scoundrel to the American education system.
>PS: You don't want me to go to Applebee's and trot out Al Gonzalez [the hemp smoking student president and journalism classmate who has worked every job in the two-mile radius around Southland Mall and lies through his teeth], do
>you? You know he'll say anything.

> >>> John Noh > 08/31/04 >>>
Sad. You really ought to employ the strategy of shutting up if you have
nothing intelligent to say.

Paraphrasing an axiom: "People may only think you're dumb if you're silent;
people will KNOW you're dumb when you speak" Words to live by, Forrest.


Pops said...

it makes me cry

MrYosemite said...

Did Stevie Wonder format your text? You're killing me.

Anonymous said...

round one goes to the republican with a fake education.

wonderbread74 said...

Good. This fake education rumor is gaining traction. Soon, he's going to be like Billy Madison and start again at Kindergarten.

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