Thursday, September 09, 2004

AFC South Predictions

The Titans will win the home field advantage in the AFC with a perfect 8-0 home record. Any team with Steve McNair behind center will be successful. They lost a lot of names, not talent, on offense. Eddie George and Jevon Kearse were shadows of their former selves. Clearly addition by subtraction.

The Texans are a team on the rise. QB David Carr is set to have a breakout, Pro Bowl season. Carr to WR Andre Johnson will become a mantra in Houston this season. Along with RB Domanick Davis, this is the divsion's up and coming offensive threesome. Houston will win some exciting games this season.

This will be the sixth year that the threesome of QB Peyton Manning, RB Edgerrin James and WR Marvin Harrison will be together. Are they any closer to the Super Bowl at Year 6? No, but they're older and it will show when 1 or 2 get injured for a long period of time. They will not make the playoffs to the chagrin of the NFL marketing geniuses.

I don't know why so many prognosticators are fawning over the Jaguars. I'm not a big fan of QB Byron Leftwich nor head coach Jack Del Rio. It's not because I know of the former Hayward High grads past drug use. You know where I got the info. I do believe, if healthy, that RB Fred Taylor will run for 1,500 yards and a boatload of touchdowns.


MrYosemite said...

Dear Crack Addict,

We're you born with your head up your ass? Colts will be Superbowl contenders. They might not get there, but around playoff time, they'll be in the thick of things.

Also, the first step in recovering is for you to admit that you have a problem.

Your daddy

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