Thursday, September 02, 2004

AFC West Predictions

I like the acquisitions they made on defense with DE Raylee Johnson, OT Luther Elliss, CB Champ Bailey and first round draft pick LB D.J. Williams from De La Salle. The defense will lead this team to the division title. QB Jake Plummer will play the care-taker role similar to Trent Dilfer in Tampa Bay (2002) and Jake Delhomme in Carolina (2003).

I think this team will underachieve again. Everyone is waiting for a Rams-type team to arise but it's not happening. I think they will slip into the playoffs after a fast start. Priest Holmes will begin a steep decline. Vermeil will cry.

Who's going to seize the feature RB position? Tyrone Wheatley? I don't think so. I think da Raidahs have too many mediocre running backs clogging the depth chart. I worry about the offensive line. Too many new guys playing new positions. Ray Buchanan playing safety? I believe this team will throw the ball prolifically. Either Gannon or Collins will be throwing up huge passing numbers to Jerry Porter, yes, Doug Gabriel, Jerry Rice and one of their other young receivers. Special teams will indeed be special again under long-time Dallas assistant Joe Avezzano. Special teams will turn a team capable of 6-7 wins into one that can win 8 or 9.

I don't know who will QB this team. Starting Philip Rivers will do irrepairable harm to his career unless he just hands off to LaDainan Tomlinson. The wide receiver corps is as thin as any team in the NFL. Somebody's gonna git hurt!


Pops said...

Best football line of the week:

"When did Tim Couch realize his days in Green Bay were numbered?"

When they handed him a jersey with "Bench" on the back.

MrYosemite said...

Hey, put away the drugs before the drugs put you away. Jets won't even make the playoffs.

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