Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm Juror #3

Last week I was chosen for jury duty at the Alameda Superior Court in Hayward. For the next three weeks I will be serving in a criminal case that was somewhat publicized in the media.

With respect to the Honorable Judge Peggy Hora, I will not discuss this trial until its conclusion, but I am keeping a daily notebook of each days events and I'll publish them daily in the New LFR when the trial wraps up; roughly around October 6th.

When I do relaunch the new LFR, it will include some new features. I value everyone's comments good, bad or critical. It helps me write more effectively to my audience.

Here are some of things I've been working on:
The Jurist Notebook
More satire political satire as we head down the stretch to the Nov. 2 election.
More Wonderbread vs. Johnny Noh political debates
The introduction of conspiracy maven, Hobo John. He really exists and I spoke to him last Wednesday.
Q&A's with some of my co-workers including the famous Jerry.
...and for the homies, my weekly football picks and baseball postseason insights.

Also, don't forget to read, and


The Doctor said...

How did a avowed "disliker" of the brudahs manage to get on a jury??? Not saying that all criminals are of that persuasion but I'm taking a wild guess that he/she is...

Pops said...

What's it look like from that side of the court room?

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