Saturday, October 09, 2004

Dolphins' Upset Precursor To Rigged Election?

Colts over Raidahs...Last week debacle in Houston will have huge ramifications on da Raidahs season. Now at 2-2, a string of tough games starts now. We can only hope for shootout vs. the porous Pony defense.

Cardinals over Whiners...What seemed like a possible victory for S.F. turns into a tough home game. Arizona is starting to peak.

Falcons over Lions...Hot-lanta go to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history.

Texans over Vikings...Tejanos may become one of the this season's early surprises. I like how they ruined our party last week by whupping da Raidahs. Texans have such egos. Why not call the Vikes the Minnesota Minnesoteans? Oakland Californians?

Patroits over Dolphins..Is Don Shula kidding me? Are you kidding me? Miami just might beat the Pats? A Dolphins' upset may be a precursor to Jeb Bush rigging the Florida vote.

Browns over Steelers...Pitt QB Ben Roethlisberger must think this NFL thing is a piece of cake as does svelt RB Jerome Bettis. They guys has like 5 TDs and 6 yards gained.

Cowboys over Giants...Even though I'm now sporting a Kurt Warner style beard, I think the Gints are lucky to be 3-1 and the 'Boys "D" to quick for Tiki Barber.

Saints over Bucs...I know it's amazing, but the Bucs will go 0-5. If you squint hard enough you can see them wearing those attrocious pumpkin orange and red unis.

Jets over Bills...Jets continue to stay even with the Pats. Bills continue to be the only team in New York.

Chargers over Jags...The Jags' defense will stop LaDainian, but the Hard Chargers are clicking right it comes: I love that beautiful Qualcomm turf.

Seahawks over Rams...Hawks seem to be able to force turnovers...Bulger seems to be able to throws them.

Broncos over Panthers...

Ravens over Redskins...The Battle of the Beltway is a yawner. I'd rather watch Dick Cheney play Twister with John Edwards.

Pack over Tits...There's something about Brett...Favre on Monday Night.

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Pack over Tits?? Since you actually read this, an email would suffice!!!! Thanks cutie pie ;)