Saturday, October 23, 2004

Philly Goes to 6-0; Garcia Pinches Owens' Ass

Saints over Raidahs...I relate to the inconsistent Saints. I, too, am a saint. The Raiders are a mess...again. Jerry Rice is gone and now Jerry Porter is complaining. About what? Stop acting like such a petulant little girl and get yourself open.

49ers....this will be the Niners best game of the year; they have a bye this week. Good job.

Ravens over Bills...It seemed like this could an opportunity for the Bills to make it two straight. Baltimore has been inconsistent and will be missing Jamal Lewis for the next two weeks. I don't know exactly what's wrong with Buffalo through six weeks. I suspect they haven't gelled with their new coach, Mike Mularkey

Chargers over Panthers...The Bolts sink the Raiders further into last place. I guess Schottenheimer is going to just close his eyes and stand behind LaDainian Tomlinson until he can run no longer.

Patroits over Jets...My Super Bowl pick--the Jets--will not pick up a road win in Foxboro. The Pats' win streak will be the only good news when the Sox are down 0-2 in the World Series.

Eagles over Browns...Philly goes 6-0, but this will be their toughest test. Garcia and the Brownies are getting it done, but Terrell Owens will be running even more quickly when worrying about Jeff Garcia pinching his ass.

Bucs over Bears...Tampa looked so much better last Monday with Brian Griese. The Bucs D should be able to make some plays on Bears' QB Jonathan Quinn.

Seahawks over Cards...The Jerry Rice Era begins in Seattle. Pretty sad peope are assigning "New Era" tags on fourth-string receivers.

The Pack over Cowboys...Favre & Co. got back on track last week and a home win at Lambeau seems very likely; their first of the season.

Chiefs over Falcons...Chiefs by a field goal. Priest Holmes should be able to run all day because they're not throwing the ball against the vaunted Falcons pass rush. Michael Vick still hasn't grasped the West Coast Offensive; nontheless, they're 5-1, folks.

Giants over Lions...The Gints will continue to pad their 4-1 record by luck. Look for a huge collapse during the second half of the season.

Colts over Jaguars...The Colts are throwing up points even without Marvin Harrison. Jags' QB Byron Leftwich has shown he can play effectively when he doesn't have his best stuff. Another high scoring Indy game.

Vikes over Tits...Right now, Dante Culpepper is throwing up numbers on par with Dan Marino's record-breaking 1984 season. The Titans have problems against the pass. This equation bodes well for Minny.

Broncos over Bungles...Oh, now they're the Bungals! The flavor of the month drops so quick on the LFR. Starting Carson Palmer so early may not translate to win this season, but he still has shown moments of greatness.

STEVE.........45/86 (52%)
MILTON I....44/86 (51%)
MILTON II...44/86 (51%)
JULIAN........44/86 (51%)
BOBBY........31/86 (36%)

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