Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So Far No Ohioans Have Voted For Buchanan

Payback is a...well, you know.

In Ohio, the Kerry campaign seems bent on not repeating any mistakes that Gore made four years ago in Florida. Kerry seems prepared to make all the legal challenges as quickly as possible. He definitely will not concede this race for days and a state-wide recount seems likely.

The race now is for Bush to be able to claim victory before the clock runs out like he successfully achieved in 2000. The perception of victory will easily grease the path to another term.

At this point, Bush cannot really claim victory without winning another state. With a disputed Ohio he has 269 electoral votes. If other battleground states like New Mexico and Iowa are too close to call, might the Kerry team use litigation to stymie any offical call to Bush's column?


Anonymous said...

Dude. What's up? Are you in love or something and no longer have time to post anything?? I miss the sarcastic witt, even if the election is over.

Anonymous said...

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