Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Bobby To Tie The Knot

Bobby proposed to Key on Christmas morning at her parents house.

They huddled around the tree to open presents while Key opened Bobby's gift. Inside was, what looked like a giant ring paper weight. She got mad and called him nasty name or phrase (this was all captured on tape) and feigned throwing it at him. I'm not sure this intended as joke, by the way. He told her to look again and she pulled out the engagement ring. How beautiful

Her father, who is Jewish, yelled out that it wasn't official until he got on one knee and proposed. And just as soon as she said yes she had the whole wedding immediately planned. It was like this:

Bobby: Will you marry me?

Key: YES!...and the wedding will be December 3, 2005. Steve will be the best man. All the bridesmaid will be wearing pink. And guys, no bow ties. You'll be wearing pink ties. Salmon and chicken will be served along with a special kosher dinner for the Fogelson Hebrew family members.


pryncess711 said...

Don't be hatin' cause Bobby finally got his shit together and asked the woman that he loves to become his wife!

As Key put it to you.. "When are you going to get your head out of your ass???!!!!" :)

Anonymous said...

This is Key and YES the wedding has been planned for nearly a decade and will happen Dec 3rd. It will be great to see all them portegees doing the " Hava Nagila" and Bobby is bounced around in the thin air upon a wingback chair. So to me and Bobby yey and to you Steveo get your head out of your ass!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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