Monday, January 24, 2005

F@#% Michigan!

F@#% Michigan!
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Obviously little Johnny was very unhappy with Ohio State's 60-56 overtime loss against Minnesota last Saturday night. The Buckeyes fell to 1-4 in Big Ten play.

The Golden Gophers scored nine straight points late in the game to force overtime.

Little Johnny had this to say: "F##$% those mutha#$%$, sons of b#$%$$. I would like to stick my little #@$$ up their golden #$%#. I hate those guys and I hate you too, Mom!"


MrYosemite said...

I would like to take this moment to predict this kid's future as an adult...

At age 30, he'll be the fourth best person on his 4 person bowling team. He'll still be wearing t-shirts that say "Big Johnson Bowling - Our Balls Are Bigger Than You Can Handle". He'll still be living with his grandparents in their mobile home. The neighbors will suspect that he's the one that has broken into a few of the trailers but they won't be able to prove it. He'll be a father of three....all of them from different women. He'll spend his Saturday afternoons watching reruns of Married With Children and just like Al Bundy, he'll talk about the home run that he snagged at the fence back when he was in high school.

Anonymous said...

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