Monday, February 21, 2005

The Angst of Anna

The Angst of Anna, originally uploaded by wonderbread74.

One of Michael Jackson's greatest fans, Anna Weeteh, also known as Anna Banana, vehemently supports the King of Pop. Here's some of her grand jury testimony in the Jackson molestation trial:

Question by lawyer: Hello, Ms. Amarante.
Answer by Anna: HEELLLLOOOOO!!!
Q: Can you spell your name for the court reporter?
A: A-N-N-A, Anna
Q: And your last name?
A: A-M-A-R-A-N-T-E, Weeteh.
Q: Thank you.
A: Know what happened?
Q: Excuse me?
A: My Daddy 'tupid. Anna no going to my Daddy's house. My Daddy bull.
Q: Ms. Amarante, can we get back to the questioning.
A: YES!!
Q: Did Mr. Jackson ever give you wine in a Diet Coke can?
A: NO!! Mommy say no! Yucky Coke.
Q: What did you drink, then?
A: Pesi.
Q Pesi? Oh, you mean Pepsi.
A: YES!!
Q: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
A: Beat It!
Q: What other artists do you like?
A: 'donna, Purple Rain, Koma Karmia, 'N Sync.
Q: You mean Madonna, Prince, the Culture Club song, Karma Kameleon and 'N Sync.
A: YESS!!!
Q: Could the court reporter please note that Anna answered the last question by doing the breakdancing "wave" motion.
Q: Anna, did Mr. Jackson ever touch you?
A: Yessy Yes. Boy, toucha my cu!
Q: Cu? What's a cu? Can the court reporter please note that Anna is now in addition to doing the wave, now doing a variation of the Charleston and sticking her tongue out.
Q: What is a cu?
A: My Butt!!
Q: Is it true that you are known for being a human road map. That you can tell people exactly which direction to get to certain places, yet you could not give the directions to Neverland Ranch?
A: Want a sandwichzinha?
Q: Huh? Please note that Anna has now raised her fists to me.
A: Eddie call me. Say love me. My brother mau-mau.
Q: Your honor, I would like to dismiss this witness before things get out of hand.
A: Love you!!


MrYosemite said...

Is her hand paralyzed like Bob Dole's? Each time you post of picture of Anna, her hand is in the same position.

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