Friday, February 04, 2005

Perception Is An Amazing Thing

An astute observation was made by the New York Times' Sports Media columnist, Richard Sandomir regarding Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show.

"Paul McCartney, in a peach-colored sweater and faded jeans, sat in a ballroom full of cameras and reporters Thursday, playing a new role 41 years after the Beatles stormed America: the restorer of Super Bowl decency and family values. So many years ago, the moptops from Liverpool were viewed as sinful corrupters of our youth."

Perception is a funny thing, isn't it?

Those same rabble-rousing English boys are now regarding as some of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. Makes you wonder how this generation's crop of bad boy recording artists' will be view in the same way. The early 80s rap trio of Run DMC is already lauded as godfathers of rap albeit with broad strokes.

Going back to the 1920s, Jazz was relegated to closed doors and alley ways. The name "jazz" even had a profanely sexual connatation. What is Jazz today other than a dying artform? Along with the Declaration of Independence, baseball and apple pie; a uniquely American creation.

Can you imagine the day when old men routinely chat about the those "old" rappers. C'mon on Billy, turn that music off and listen to some Snoop Dogg? Naw, Grandpa, that's old people's music.


MrYosemite said...

Is Jazz really dying? How do you know this? I see it alive and kicking here in the Bay Area, but what about the rest of the country? I know that when I lived in New Mexico, the only jazz radio station changed to a Country Music format shortly before I moved away. Hence, no jazz in NM. Is that happening everywhere? I hope not. I like jazz and I'm not even joto!

As for the halftime show, does anyone watch these things? I don't care if Janet flashes some beaver, I still don't want to watch a sudo-broadway production in the middle of a football game. It's like taking a break in a wrestling match in order to watch ice skating. How in the world did dancing, singing, and jotos become the entertainment of such a great sporting event.

I'd much rather have dot racing, the great hat caper, and bart races. Can you imagine the betting and corruption that this would spawn in Vegas? Millions of dollars bet on a blue dot crossing the finish line. Fans would erupt when the blue dot cliped both the red and white dots and made them flip over and crash into the walls. It would be awesome! (The red dot always wins on Sundays- you heard it here first.)

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