Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Bonds Is Off The 'Juice'

Let the Eagle Soar!
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I'm really getting tired of Barry Bonds and his antics. I'm especially tired of hating him so much.
Now, he's indicating that his baseball career may be over. The Associated Press reported that he used the word "tired" 14 times within 10 minutes. Does this sound familiar? Here's an excerpt from the December 2, 2004 Lunatic Fringe Report:
Could we imagine a scenario in the coming weeks where Bonds hangs up his cleats and settles for third on the all-time homers list? There are many convenient excuses that one could conjure. He's burned out. He's old (he has already begun to use this line last season), maybe the fun isn't in the game since his father died last year or the old 'I want to spend more time with family' schtick.
Since this is a blog, let's look at the real facts, so I don't insult your intelligence like your newspaper and television does. As a friend of mine, who is active in the local track scene says, there are certain obvious markers to steroid users. One, they seem to die early. Two, they start getting injured more often, especially after the quitting the "juice". Third, their large belly seems to defy the logic of a healthy workout regimen.

Point blank, what we are seeing with Barry Bonds is actually a success for baseball's steroid policy. In addition, the saturated media attention and peer pressure of an entire baseball-loving population is forcing athletes to play clean. Bonds is off the "juice" and we're being to see its effects.

In the past four months or since the steroid story became white-hot, Bonds has underwent three knee surgeries and constantly complains of being tired, whether it's physically or euphemistically. It leads to one conclusion: Bonds is a 40-year-old athlete whose body is naturally telling him his exact age.


MrYosemite said...

It looks like they're getting ready to cook that bird. I've eaten plenty of bald beaver but never a bald eagle. I bet it tastes like a spotted owl.

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Some yardbird! Oops! Did I say that? That was my Dad talking.