Friday, March 25, 2005

The Constitution Is Just A Piece Of Paper, I Guess

Fla. Governor Threatens The Republic

Is it possible that Jeb Bush, Florida's Governor and first bro to the President is about to intervened into the Terri Schiavo crusade.

Jeb Bush is reportedly under extreme pressure to use his "powers" as governor to force the reinsertion of Shiavo's feeding tube. To some small segment of America this might seem heroic, especially to the American Taliban faction of the Christian Coalition.

One anti-abortion group is actually using the Easter week imagery of Pontius Pilate in regards to Jeb's role in allowing Terri Schiavo to die according to's War Room:
Crossroads for Life beseeched Bush not to "repeat Pontius Pilate's mistake this Good Friday." Drawing parallels to the death of the Christ -- Jesus' mother was named Mary, and so is Terri Schiavo's! -- the group said that Bush, like Pontius Pilate, must now ask himself whether he should stake his political career on the life of a single person.

Luckily, Jeb Bush is the smarter, more thoughtful of the Bush boys, so we can somewhat hope he'll do the right thing. The right thing would be to uphold the court's opinions--the 19 separate courts--a majority of which are presided over by Republican-appointed jurist.

The picture of Jeb Bush sending law enforcement into Schiavo's hospice room should be extremely disturbing to all Americans and a foreshadowing of a nation under dictatorship. No small words, but completely true.

It is under a dictatorship where the government repeatedly contradicts the majority opinions of its people. A dictatorship has no regard for the law of the land and uses force to apply its unwelcomed agenda.

The courts of this land and over 200 years of constitutional tradition and law are being trampled over by the party that supposedly cherishes freedom and justice...just not in America.

This is not just a group of opportunistic Republican politicians either throwing up a smokescreen or rewarding a successful interest group--Christian activists, but a party that is furthering its radical brand of Neo-Conservatism.

They loathe having women in control of their reproductive organs. They find it acceptable to hold captives in far-off lands for years without ever charging them with a crime nor allowing consultation with a lawyer. And now, they seek to decide whether your suffering loved one can or cannot die.

Today, we must be very worried about our once-cherished civil liberties. In just four years they have been repeatedly taken from under us and no end seems in sight.

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