Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Donovan To L.A.=To A-Rod In Boston

The acquisition of Landon Donovan by the Los Angeles Galaxy brings to mind an interesting question. When was the last time a superstar while in his prime was acquired by his bitter rival?

I truly can't remember one in any sport. Roger Clemens signing with the New York Yankees comes to mind, but he was already 38 years old and most in the Red Sox Nation already despised him way before landing in the Bronx. Jason Giambi signing with the Yankees comes close but a bit one-sided. I don't think the Yankees believe the A's exist other than to feed them their stars

This is the equivalent of Alex Rodriguez being traded to the Red Sox or Larry Bird being traded to the Lakers.

While in San Jose, Landon periodically tormented their Southland neighbors. Nothing rankles Galaxy supporters more than the most famous California Derby in the 2003 playoffs, known as "The Game" when Landon and the Earthquakes rallied from a 4-0 aggregate deficit with 77 minutes remaining to net five goals to beat L.A. The sting of this loss even dwarfs losing to the MLS Cup to the Quakes in 2000.

Galaxy fans hate this guy. Here's a sampling BigSoccer.com's bulletin boards:

'galaxycrazy' says, "I am more upset about Landon coming here than Fishy [Carlos Ruiz] leaving, since his leaving has always been a possibility. I've grown to hate Landon unless he's wearing a USMNT jersey, and I think the feeling is mutual with most Galaxy fans."

'cosmojado' says, "Well I'm going to need some strong kool-aid for that much stronger than what most of you have been drinking."

'Femfa' was a little more abusive, "I mean, Landon wants to play in Los Angeles. The scum. How dare he? Let's post old pics of him and titter about how gay he looks.

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