Saturday, May 21, 2005

I Think The Neighbor Is Dead, Part III

Still no sign of Geoff. The jokes and giggles over his possible demise has turned to incomfortable concern...and maybe a few funny quips, but maybe he's dead. Was I nice enough to get into his will? We felt it was time to go undercover.

Being the slick investigators that we are, we dressed up like common neighborhood walkers. As we passed his house, we slyly peaked into his garage, which was opened, without breaking stride.

Inside was, indeed, a clean garage, but no sign of Geoff, just Gene the Love Machine’s old Buick in the driveway. We turned the corner and doubled back quickly. Inside his garage was an array of Coca-Cola memorabilia and peculiarly, an inordinate amount of cardboard tubes. One of the investigators mentioned maybe he was an architect. "No", I said, "he’s a hairdresser."

Another investigator felt they could be for only thing and possible related to his disapperance. Could Geoff be an illegal international vibrator dealer? But I added, if he was, how big were these vibrators? Is there a market for elephant vibrators?

The investigation gathered more question than answers. Maybe we’ll rummage through his garbage tonight.


MrYosemite said...

You're such a total pussy. Just go over there, knock on the door and ask for Geoff, tell 'em you need a haircut. Then, if you hear something like, "I'm sorry, a gerbil got stuck up his butt and he died."'ll know!

Anonymous said...

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