Friday, June 10, 2005

Local Newspaper Gets Dirty

Shopping with Mom?
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Here are two blurbs from the current San Leandro Times' "Police Reports" section:

Go ahead opened it, there's a surprise inside!
A clerk at Longs Drugs on Washington Avenue received a call from a customer last Wedsnesday evening, inquiring about phots he had sent in to be processed.
When the clerk found the customer's photos, the customer asked the clerk to open the envelope to make sure they were the correct ones. When the clerk opened the envelope, she found, that they were phots of a naked man with a dildo in his hand.

Another incident involved some fishy burglars.
A loss prevention agent at the FoodMaxx on Lewelling Boulevard saw two suspects entering the meat department last Saturday morning. The suspects each took a bag of frozen shrimp and stuffed it down their pants as the walked around the aisles.

They were stopped by security as they tried to leave the store and arrested for petty theft

Is there any chance that these guys were on their way to Longs to pick up pictures of themselves holding their shrimp?