Saturday, June 04, 2005

Mexican Machismo On Display in MLS

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Testosterone-filled Mexican Owners New to American Sports scene

Chivas USA, the expansion Major League Soccer team affiliated with the world famous Mexican club of the same name, is anything but ordinary when it comes to male bravado.

The club's owners Jorge Vergera and Antonio Cue have exhibited a taste of Mexican machismo very rare in American sports. Mind you, that Chivas USA is currently in last place with a 1-8-2 record.

Nevermind that!

Vergera told the L.A. Times magazine that it was Chivas USA versus the gringos and the Mexican squad would come away victorious. Some divisive comments.

Could you imagine George Steinbrenner, the closest thing to a ballsy owner in American sports, challenging Canada and the Toronto Blue Jays. "We're going to demolish those dirty Canucks!"

The false cojones that Vergera and Cue are spouting are completely without any grounds for optimism.

The press has been hearing for some weeks talk of "reinforcement" as if this was some sort of war. In actually, the replacements for Chivas USA are non-existent. There are few suitable players under the radar of other MLS teams and next to none who could help with its league low 10 goals this season.

Who are these jugadores?

Despite the calls of reinforcements, which are really meant to tease their loyal base with fantasies of the Mexican Chivas sending some of their stars to the states. This would be a plausible solution, except that FIFA's tranfer window does not open until August 31st, by then, Chivas USA will be long down the drain.

Instead of bearing their chest hairs to all without a clue that their team is, by far, the worst in Major League Soccer. Chivas USA's ownership should cool its rhetoric before they stunt the growth of their infant club.