Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Lessons of Three Years Ago

Suzie and Sean
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Babies have been born. Grandparents befallen by illness, marriage proposals and others who have moved away. In the course of three years much has occurred in our lives. Today we mark the third anniversary of Suzie's passing with a hopeful tomorrow.

A day, three years ago, so filled with deep sorrow and surrender has led to a gleaming vision of what our family can become. The lessons of Suzie's death are apparent everytime a family member greets one another with a kiss on the cheek or a hearty embrace. It's evident with every dispute that enters the stage of namecalling and ends with a wry wink and nod.

Not only have we acquired a happy medium in our relations with each other, but we have taken the knowledge of a strong family and begun to forge mechanisms that will be passed on to our children and ultimately form a legacy that thrives for generations.

Suzie made us realize that, our family, which is composed of so many strong, opinionated, creative people, has yet to gain a foothold in this country and all its opportunity. She forced us to rethink our foot-dragging ways that wasted valuable time and talent. We've learned that life can end at any moment.

She never returned to Disneyland. Never traveled through Europe. Never tasted Vanilla Coke. Never walked her sons to school. Never saw her brother get married. Never watch "Desperate Housewives". Never ran up a huge cellphone bill by taking too many pictures. Never had the opportunity to buy a new house and never fell deeply in love.

We've learned much and acted upon her lessons to us.

My cousin Milton never owned his own business--today, he does.
My cousin Erica always dreamed of having a baby--in a few months, she will.
My Uncle Richard never had children--today, he has two in diapers.
I've dreamt for years of a day when I'd ask Marianne to marry me--two weeks ago, I did (she said yes).

While there is still much for all of us to accomplish, the strength and the focus has slowly been building in all us. Today we can remember Suzie for making us realize our faults and our potential.

I love you, sister.

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