Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Osama Rides BART

Is BART trying to aid the terrorists? The San Francisco Examiner reported Wednesday that BART is courted several giant cellphone companies to wire the most of their stations including under the transbay tube.

Does BART remember that terrorists from al-qaeda detonated the bombs in Madrid last year via cellphone or that the recent bombings in London were initially attributed to the same technique? The fear was so prevalent last week that Verizon remotely disabled wireless coverage in the subways of New York City folling the July 7th bombing in England. Verizon didn't even take that step after 9/11.

The article briefly mentions that BART officials downplayed this possibility, yet it clearly exists. Where's is the outcry when we are allowing this sort of breach in security for the sake of killing time on the train by calling your friend.

Oh, how I hate to support the Republicans and their homeland security propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

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The Big-O