Saturday, July 16, 2005

Thanks To All; One Year Anniversary Of The LFR

I began writing the Lunatic Fringe Report not so much as a hobby but as a challenge to myself to write on a daily basis. I had previously attempted two blogs of dubious distinction a few years back--"Steve's Sports Report" and "10th Avenue Freeze-Out". One was devouted to sports and the other attempts at comedy. Both were failures because the will to write was non-existent then.

One of the deals I made with myself during my exile in Oakland was to write religiously. On a Friday, after work, I sat down and wrote some comments on an article regarding John Kerry's work as an altar boy in his youth and proceeded to write two additional postings (the blog also debuted with this same template). Two hundred-two postings and over 75,000 words later I believe this blog has served its purpose and created an atmosphere in my mind where writing is foremost in importance. With that, I am announcing that I will increase my production of postings with two new blogs--a sports comedy blog in collaboration with my friend Jay Tray entitled Like Kobe on a White Chick and a fiction and long form commentary blog called Hobo John Stories.

In addition, I would like to announce that my continued education will be devouted to gaining a degree in Journalism. It's taken me many years to believe writing was a "real" job or that I was cut out for it. My stated goals are clear and precise. I wish to known in the future as a journalist and an author. I wished to be trained as a sports reporter and feature writer. The ever-changing nature of reporting is very appealing for two reason. Writing about a season is like a novel that writes itself and far more than reporting the score and what transpired. That will be the challenge that I'll happily encounter everyday.

I've gained much experience from this blog. From the start, the basic premise was to put in words the random thoughts and quips that travel through my head daily--hence the title, Lunatic Fringe Report. I wrote extensively on last year's election and falsely predicted its outcome. I fared a bit better in predicting a Atlanta-N.Y. Jets Super Bowl. Whether Barry Bonds ever suits up in a baseball uniform is yet unknown--I still say, he won't--and recently predicted a playoff berth for the A's (fingers crossed).

I wrote of numerous encounters with my former neighbor, Raider Doug Gabriel, and my curse that ended his season. There was an infamous catfight in the comments section of a few postings regarding last years softball game and a few tear-jerking essays on my Mom, Dad and sister.

I interviewed the sun and found him racist. Posted a few pictures of my cousin Anna flipping off the camera. Claimed Prozac makes kids suicidal. Watched two Raiders eat six chicken and a vat of mashed potatoes at Boston Market. Announced a run for President. Withdrew after pictures revealed my past terrorist ties. Caught heat for joking that black people should wear white masks to have their votes count in Florida and hopped on a soapbox at every chance when it came to Barry Bonds's use of steroids.

I would like to especially thank my fiction writing teacher, Steve Woodhams. I enrolled in his class because I sought to dabble in every type of writing. From Steve, I learned far more than the mechanics of fiction writing but found in those weekly sessions a sense of belonging to the art of writing. I was someone who thought I was alone but Steve began talking about the writing process; finding a quiet place and writing consistently and learning that it was completely okay not to write if you don't "feel" it that day. These were all feeling that I have felt for many years but discounted how natural they felt inside. I received an "A" in that class and formulated the idea of a story called "Hobo John" but what I learned about myself and being a writer is immeasurable.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this endeavor with every click of their mouse and I'll see you in your local newspaper soon--I mean, as an author, not the purpetrator of a crime or the victim of a car-jacking.



MrYosemite said...

Yet again, another example as to why you should be writing - this is really good stuff.

I must say however, I was eagerly awaiting a top ten list of comments from the past year, maybe awards for the funniest, etc. Quite frankly, I was hoping to sweep the 1st Annual LFR Blog Awards.

pryncess711 said...

As I told you the other night.. I am so proud of you!! your going to be a great journalist someday..DAMN YOUR GOOD!!

As for the comment awards.. gotta give props to Jason your fellow and loyal LFR reader!! but I dont think he could of topped my famous catfight!

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