Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Time For A Change: A's Redesign Concepts

The A's haven't redesigned their uniforms since 1987. Maybe it's time for a change? Some graphic artists at SportsLogo.Net came up with these concepts. While they are not much of a departure from their current unis, the addition of forest green sleeves is a trendy and needed addition.

A's home concept uni

A's road concept uni

The third or alternate yellow jersey is the most compelling. The addition of yellow to the team's on-field look would be both welcomed and unique to others teams. As a nod to the past, instead of white pants, yellow pants with the yellow top would echo the days of Reggie Jackson and the Mustache Gang in the early 70s.
A's alt concept uni


MrYosemite said...

1. Current uniforms are great, they've stood the test of time, the colors are distinctly different from any other team.

2. However, I'd like to see the addition of yellow - I love those throwback jerseys.

3. I'm formally requesting more audio recordings. Tom Petty!

pryncess711 said...

I prefer the white with green collar thank you!