Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chavez Aims To Shake A's Confidence

"I'll never say we have more talent than them," he said. "They're just so solid. Top to bottom, they've got more talent, hands down. They should win the division, if you ask me." Athletics' thirdbasemen, Eric Chavez, when asked if the A's have closed the talent gap with the Angels.

These aren't the A's of April and May, aimlessly underachieving through the early month's of the season.

As Oakland plays the biggest series of the year tonight against co-A.L. West leader, Los Angeles, more scrutiny will be applied to the team's burgeoning postseason chances.

Quotes, like the one above, come frequently from Eric Chavez and they baffle even the occasional observer. His defeatist attitude should not be misconstrued as brutal honesty, as the A's beat writer, Mychael Urban, portrays it or a sly ploy to psyche out their opponents.

Instead, it's the epitome of why the A's recent postseason history is so littered with near misses and blatant choke jobs. Oakland's self-doubt when it comes to the all-important Game Five and the debacles that consistently followed is rooted in Chavez's poor team leadership.

Is it any wonder why most people indentify this team's veteran leadership with Barry Zito, Mark Kotsay and Jason Kendall and not Eric Chavez?


MrYosemite said...

Where did you find a picture of Chavez sitting on the toilet? For the love of god, give the man a laxative!

On a serious note, you might be onto something, poor leadership and post season chokes...blame it on the rain...or at least Chavez.

pryncess711 said...

He's such a hottie it's such a shame he's pretty dumb!!