Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Resistant To Change: Raiders Redesign Concepts

In all of professional sports there's one team that shakes off any intention of changing there uniform style and that team is da Raidahs.

Few modifications of the basic silver and black uni and eye-patched pirate shield have been made since debuting in 1960. A graphic designer at SportsLogos.Net submitted this uniform concept and slight update of the pirate logo.

The home black uniform has retained the simple, unadorned look of the old, except for the pirate logo floating on the sleeves. The only drawback on this design is the plain look of the numbers outlined in black and possibly white or silver. This feature gives the jersey the feel of a throwaway uniform destined for some Division II college team.

Raiders Home concept
The road ensemble is far more intriguing. The black sleeves with silver jerseys has both a modern and retro feel. Similar to the current New York Jets road jerseys. The black pants are also appealing and balance the jersey with the matching sleeves. The piping on the pants might look at bit odd, though.

Raiders Road concept
Raider fans would be split on the jerseys, but changing the cherished shield is sacrilege. If you look closely, the designer has updated the menacing one-eyed pirate with a more contemporary and cartoonish character. The most notably addition is a silver five o'clock shadow. Appealing to children is not what being a Raidah fan is about!

Raiders logo concept


MrYosemite said...

I have to be honest, I hate the raiders, but they do have some classic old school uniforms that shouldn't be tinkered with. However, if they do indeed update their traditional dress, I suggest adding strips, for one reason or another, I see Randy Moss in [prison] strips. I predict a drug conviction by the end of the season.

Anonymous said...

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