Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Shot Heard 'Round The Festas

Bobby Hits Game-Winning Homer; Commits Treason

2004 Team Photo; Mexico wins again

The Portuguese arrived at the ballpark for Game 2 of the series, hopeful for a different result after their defeat in the opener. The signs were good for Portuguese reprisal as the Mexicans fielded an undermanned team with two children. To make up for their shortage, two Portuguese players, Bobby Costa and Key Fogelson were traded to the Mexicans for two Dos Equis and a bag of mangoes con sal y limon. This deal would prove pivotal in the outcome of this game.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who was the only player in series history to commit five errors, wear their glove on the wrong hand and test positive for steroids all in one day? The answer is at the end of this posting.

Portugal, with a restructured lineup featuring the "Monterey Boys", struck quick with six runs in the first inning. While Mexico slowly wittled away at the lead the Portuguese continued to cross the plate. It wasn't until Portugal's defense broke down that the Mexicans made their moved.

Orchestrated migration of Mexicans to the field

Amazingly, the Mexicans began their comeback on the hitting prowess of their youngest players. At first, showing little interest in their ability, the Portuguese then began to focus on the two Mexican rookie stars, and still could not avoid a pair of four-hit games.

Slide Felt Around the World

To worsen matters for the Portuguese, their imported cousin from Boston, Herbie Tavares, exhibited the glovework and coordination at thirdbase of Helen Keller. Herbie committed five errors in the sixth and seventh innings that led to 10 Mexican runs, yet the Mexicans still needed more and it came in the form of an expatriate Portuguese boy from the Madeira Islands.

In the top of the ninth, the Portuguese, led by some clutch hitting from Milton Costa and Steve Tavares powered the team to a 23-21 led going into the bottom of the ninth. After retiring the first hitter, the Portuguese allowed a single and let its shaky defense again hurt its chances.

Milton Costa bobbled a force play at second base that brought Bobby Costa to the plate as the winning run. Bobby, naturally righthanded, abruptly switched sides of the plate to take advantage of the rule that allowed for homeruns from dead centerfield to the rightfield fair pole. The fence in right measures about 25 feet in addition to being the largest part of Palomares Hills Park.

Bobby Flies Out As A Portuguee

After taking a few pitches, Bobby took a massive cut at the ball and watched it sail over the rightfield fence dramatically winning Game 2 with a walk-off, game-winning three-run homer. In the process seeking revenge for his dismissal earlier in the day and drawing anger and calls of treason from his Portuguese countrymen.

TRIVIA ANSWER: Portugal's Herbie Tavares (pictured above), was harshly blamed for the loss in Game 2. He has since given up softball and is currently spending a year in prison because of his involvement in the BALCO case.

GAME 3: Sunday, August 21, 2005, 2pm, Palomares Hills Park, Castro Valley.

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