Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bonds To Use Steroids To Rebuild Gulf Coast

Baroid: A Giant Among Men
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Baroid Calls Out Congress; Bad Idea, Bro

Barry Bonds messes with the media. He messes with fans and even teammates. He plays fast and easy with the game's most hallowed records. He even uses props like his teenage children and young cancer victims as human blockade. Today, though, he messed with the wrong guys.

The Feds. The G-Men. Congress.

As the Giants played the Nationals in Washington, D.C., Bonds had this to say when asked his if Congress was wasting time investigating the steroids issue:

"Pretty much, I think so. Yeah."

He continued by striking a very populist tone that seemed to diverge sharply from his own personal background.

"You know what? There are still other issues that are more important," Bonds said. "Right now, people are losing lives, don't have homes, I think that's a little more serious. A lot more serious."

Touching. Who does he think he is? The rich boy from San Mateo who grew up with the same lifestyle as any white kid of privilage wants everyone to remember that poor black people are suffering and don't forget he's black, too!

Bonds also challenged the media by asking how much they had contributed to the Gulf coast disaster.

"Talk about the athletes that are helping Katrina. Ask yourselves how much money y'all personally donated and have helped."

How much has Barry Bonds donated to the hurricane relief? Does it matter?

Here's Baroids typical whiny and snivelling response to everything and when he attempts this sort of banter with the media it only illustrates his disconnect with anyone in the entire world except Bonds himself.

What he's saying is: I'm the big dog. I have everything and you don't. I'm a better person (in my eyes) than you because I can give more, presumably.

I guess after hitting three homers and not having his balky knees blowout yet, the son of a bitch thinks he's back all the while thinking he's escaped the steroids scandal. Think again.

Said a spokesman for Rep. Tom Davis, "Members of Congress, particularly Tom Davis, can walk and chew gum at the same time."

Don't antagonize Congress, Baroid. They don't like it and they will retaliate.


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