Friday, September 16, 2005

LFR: The Web's Road To Brazilian Male Thongs

It seems the Lunatic Fringe Report has carved a niche into cyberspace in quite an odd way. Yahoo!'s search engine seems disproportionately in tune with the LFR and its readers mindset.

In fact, one particular posting during last year's Summer Olympics titled, "What's Hot & What's Not" garners nearly ten referrals a day. Go ahead, try it yourself:

Type the words or phrases such as "Brazilian thongs", "Brazilian ass in a thong", "men's Brazilian thongs" or anything Brazilian associated with the buttocks and the prestigious LFR will routinely rank in the top five and sometimes even number one.

I'm so proud.

Try "dick torture", also.

Mom will be so proud.

Thanks to all for increasing the hits on the LFR nearly 150% since July. And a special thanks to all in search of a tan and bodacious Brazilian ass.

Also, will be debuting shortly with some long-form stories.

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