Saturday, October 15, 2005

Editor's Note: LFR Splits Into T A I L G A T E R

Some of you may have noticed that the Lunatic Fringe Report recently split from content focusing on just about any subject, hence the psychotic title of the blog, to a more specific train of thought.

After some research, a few things became known and others given further proof:

1) Women visit the blog more than men.
2) Men complain that the postings are too long and enjoy more pictures.
3) Most important, a vast majority of women say that they don't read the sports-related stories.

The whole idea is to get people to read what you have to say. Any blog writer will tell you that. To rectifiy this disconnect and to allow the Lunatic Fringe Report to become more inline with the "traditional" single-topic model the blog has split into two specific sites.

The Lunatic Fringe Report will continue to have the same vitriolic view of the Republican empire of America and its ruler, Emperor Bush II, along with some brow-raising lunacy, only without the equally crazed world of sports.

For that, The LFR's Tailgater was created two weeks ago and has already predicted baseball's Division Series along with bringing in a cool $100 with 3-0 parlay in the NFL.

Here's a preview of the some of the changes:

The Lunatic Fringe Lounge will feature original and acoustic covers of songs every Monday morning starting October 18, 2005. Just click on the button contained in the post and enjoy with your host, Uncle Remus, as he guides you through this online lounge.

Blue vs. Red. I will scour the blogoshere for conservative blogs to harrass and challenge them to blogging duels. My first battle against Conservatives Unite became one-sided and sad when it becames obvious the author was a single, Christian conservative from Texas probably pushing 70.

Thanks for reading my blog and for your continued support


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