Tuesday, October 11, 2005

George & Harriet, Forever!

Boy, did Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers, do some ass-kissing during her days in Texas.

Today's New York Times shows that during her time as Bush's personal lawyer in Texas and her stint heading the state's Lottery Commission, Miers was enamored with the young governor, albeit in language befitting a smitten high school girl.

"You are the best governor ever - deserving of great respect," she wrote to the then-governor and sent a greeting card where she wrote, "Hopefully Jenna and Barbara recognize that their parents are 'cool' - as do the rest of us."

Some liberal bloggers point to these papers as proof that Bush's nominee severely erodes the Supreme Court's separation of powers because of her close relationship to the President.

Assuredly, it illustrates that fact, but the adolescent language that Miers uses when writing to Bush as governor and client fuels the notion that she does not possess, not only the judicial experience, but the sort of intellect the electorate expects in a justice.

Another aspect of this story is the propensity of older, never married, professional women fawning over the President like some homely girl dreaming about the high school quarterback.

Can you imagine Miers and Condoleeza Rice in a catfight on Capitol Hill?

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