Monday, October 24, 2005

Lunatic Fringe Lounge: "Now More Than Ever"

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Welcome back to the Lunatic Fringe Lounge! This week's song is an old John Mellencamp song from his 1991 album, "Whenever We Wanted".

These are times when everything seems so big, so unwielding and so helpless. My government lies to me. I do nothing about it. It costs $60 to fill my tank with gasoline. Does anybody tell me why it costs that much? Yet, I do nothing about it. It's way more than apathy, it's un-American.

While our leaders trample on the document that makes us unique in the recorded history of man--the Constitution--we are also complicit when we don't exhibit the fighting spirit of the Founding Father's and allow our voice to be heard.

These problems have existed since the beginning of our country, but never have they been more important than today. Now more than ever...


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pryncess711 said...

How did you get Papa Bear from the Country Bears to be your announcer??!!

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