Sunday, November 06, 2005

C'mon Kids! Let's Go To Pop's Place

Check out Pop's Place and join in on the conversation.

I'm usually bad with names, too.

The blog writer, Pops Santos, is a former native of Northern California and honored in many Bay Area bars as the "Greastest Drinker Who Ever Lived But Hasn't Died From Liver Failure...Yet".

Kids, do you know where drinking leads you? To the middle of the Arizona desert stratching and crawling for another drink for your parched throat. What an ironic and vicious cycle.

Also, check out one of the LFR's readers from the East Coast, The Opposite of Progress.


Amichai said...

thanks for the plug. As I already said on my blog, I dig this one.

Pops said...

All right Spooky- I haven't crawled in weeks.

Mainly cuz I can't finfd the floor- they keep movin it

Pops said...

the diary of Johnny Tavares is to be posted soon- keep on the watch

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