Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero


Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, should know his way around a poker table being a senator from Nevada. His reputation wasn't one of a political gambler until today when his high-reward bet to close a session of the Senate turned him into a hero for Democrats across the country.

Just listen to the superlatives being lavished on the political acumen of Reid today:

Tom Curry of MSNBC said, "On a quiet Indian summer afternoon, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid dramatically wrenched the political agenda from the Republican majority"

David Sirota said in the Huffington Post, "Give-'Em-Hell Harry Reid today did a great service to America today by standing up, shutting down the Senate and demanding answers about how and why the Bush administration lied to America about the Iraq "threat" in the lead up to the war."

Marty Kaplan, also of the Huffington Post, said, "Finally the Democrats on the Hill have shown some leadership.

Mark Schmitt at the TPMCafe said, "the prospect of a "final showdown" in which Alito is confirmed by the Nuclear tactic is just not going to happen in a Senate effectively run by Harry Reid."

The Daily Kos said, "Let's hear it for Reid. Simply masterful, as a parliamentarian and as a leader.

...And then there's this hilarious quote attributed to Republican Majority Leader, Sen. Bill Frist in the New York Times:
"The resort to this, this, this stunt - this political stunt - this scare tactic, is really deeply disappointing," he told reporters . But "if they want to get in the gutter, I guess that's what they'll do."
You be-be-be-better wa-wa-wa-watch out, Billy.

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