Wednesday, December 28, 2005


The Christmas season is really not the best environment for blogging, especially when the topic of your blog is excoriating Republicans and heaving verbal attacks against the purveyors of what's wrong with America. Instead, just like last year, I shifted my focus to shopping, singing Christmas carols and criticizing my mother's perennial dry turkey.

Now, I'm back with some new ideas for the Lunatic Fringe Report. First, a new look. The same old Blogger-brand templates have bored me since, well, the first time I laid my eyes upon them. I searched outside the site and found this relatively seamless template that will be tweaked upon throughout the year. The ubiquitous poll box will return with more frequent questions that related to weekly topics in the world of the LFR.

Adsense from Google is also a new addition to the top of the blog. It doesn't add much value to the reader, nor does it make much money, but it allows the LFR to, at least, have the look of other (much larger) blogs.

In addition to the relentless abuse of the President and his policies, the LFR hopes to stay above the curve by adding vlogs to the LFR. Vlogs are video blogs that are in the infant stage of use on the internet. Creating content for such an endeavor and a web hosting site will be one of my New Year's resolutions.

Now, back to blogging.