Thursday, January 05, 2006

Robertson Strikes Again; Taunts The Near Dead


What God is Pat Robertson exactly referring to today. Robertson claimed that Ariel Sharon's grave condition is the after effects of the Israeli PM's intention to clear land for Palestine.

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Supposedly with His backing, Robertson, a few months back, called for the assassination of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and before that called Muslims evil.

What makes today's statement so callous is that Sharon currently lies in a medically-induced coma after suffering a major stroke this week. This leads to two questions: Who exactly subscribes to this sort rhetoric in Christian America and what's the "Inside Baseball" with this latest controversy?

The first answer is hopefully nobody, but realistically, based on the evangelical support of the President in the 2004 election and the wealth and steady television ratings of Robertson's 700 Club quite a few Christians were nodding their heads in agreement with his outrageous sentiments.

What's far more worrisome is that with Robertson's extremist quotables the already remote prospects of any social reconciliation between red and blue states suffers and begins to resemble the conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians.

The chicken-necked Robertson may say stupid things but he's shrewd in his timing and knows to honor certain interests that benefit his organization--the Jewish lobby.

To have Robertson utter these non-sensical ideas over the airwaves goes to show just how firmly entrenched certain factions of the Israeli government lie within the Bush administration.

With much of the current administration exhibiting a distinct neocon look it's not hard to imagine the Republican party being opposed to any approachment to the Palestinian desire for an independent homeland.

It makes me wonder--What would God say about Pat Robertson? Unfortunately, Lucifer will probably get the first interview.

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