Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What Does McCain Moving To The Right Mean?


I would have never thought that Mr. Straight-Talk Express, John McCain, would be the Republican first in line at the Christian conversative gravy train.

McCain's newsmaking the past few weeks now appears to be an orchestrated grab for the very people that he espoused not to represent when he rode a "maverick" campaign and nearly derailed the pre-ordained Bush dynasty in 2000.

During last Sunday's Meet the Press with Tim Russert, McCain continually dodged criticism that he now attains a partnership with the devil in the guise of his newfound relationship with Rev. Jerry Falwell.

If McCain is wholeheartedly pressing for Bush's far right constintuency in the 2008 election, what does it say for Democrats when a unique presidential contender veers sharply to the right?

McCain is undoubtedly the only national figure who can sincerely appeal to either party. Many liberal would happily go along with a McCain presidency if they had to. He has repeatedly reached out to tough issues like campaign finance, torture in Iraq and government waste and done it in a relatively honest manner.

Why, then, would someone like McCain who could grab a piece of the left and most of the right along with all of the center's majority decide to focus solely on the far-right's den of wackos?

It's also interesting that the Demos' supposed frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, from time-to-time acts like a moderate Republican. If she is the nominee, she will likely campaign from nearly the same spot of the political spectrum. If McCain and Clinton basically hover over the same constintuency where will the vociferous left go?

Will they head to the buck-toothed Mark Warner or more likely rush to 2008's Howard Dean, Sen. Russ Feingold. Despite all the talk of the Democrats' revival, the party's elite are still shoveling the same losing formula and dismissing any strategy that pertains to its left-leaning voters.