Monday, November 06, 2006

Mid-term Election Predictions: Dems Gain Power

The Democrats will gain somewhere between the very best and worst estimates, both of which, would guarantee a majority in Congress. Twenty-two is the magic number.

The Senate is different. There's very little leeway either way. Conceivably, the number is between four and six. Go right down the middle, which would mean a 50-50 split and a steady job for Vice President Cheney breaking ties on Capitol Hill.

The night may not be the revolution that Democrats were hoping for but nevermind the thin majority of the inane ramifications for 2008, the Democratic Party was flirting with extinction just two years ago and with the help of a ridiculous operation in the White House and some very smartly run campaigns the party will be in control of the House and a voice in the direction of this country.

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