Thursday, August 02, 2007

Will Bay Area Construction Firm Cut Corners On Bay Bridge Work?


Could one of the Bay Area's major bridges fall like the one in Minneapolis? Just as news of the disaster begins to settle in an article in today's San Jose Mercury brings to mind whether bridge safety and the speed of the builders can cohabitate.

Caltrans announced that the Bay Bridge will be closed over the Labor Day weekend. Three hundred fifty feet of the upper deck heading west to San Francisco will be demolished and replaced with a prefabricated section. This amazing construction feat will be performed by the Rancho Cordova-based construction firm C.C. Myers, the same outfit that miraculously repaired the Macarthur Maze interchange a few months ago a full month ahead of schedule.

Do you think they rebuilt that section of the freeway to the safest possible methods or did they cut severe corners to make the Governator look good?

Now in light of the Minneapolis bridge collapse should we be worried about a firm known for doing the job in such a quick manner?

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