Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama And The Beginning Of A Political Movement


Clearly, Obama's victory in Iowa upends all conventional thinking. He may be black, but this win had nothing to do with race. That's a good thing. The statistic that a black man won in state that 95 percent lilly white is potent, though because it says in a profound way that his presidency is highly possible and gives credence that his candidacy is far more than a man running for office, but bonifide movement.

The most exciting development for his campaign and for American civics is that he delivered the youth and first-time caucus goers. It's a iffy proposition to count on the youth vote because it's so fickle and easily distracted by iPods, DVDs and MySpace, but Obama nearly double the number of participants in Iowa. A very exciting development and if he wins the Democratic nomination will prove deadly to the hopes of any Republican in the general election.

Unless Obama commits any unbelievable flub in the next four days in the Granite State, he will win New Hampshire and look very strong in South Carolina's primary which features a majority of black voters.

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