Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thompson Likely Gone After Iowa Caucus


The Freddy Thompson Experience looks to be on its last legs.

The Politico is reporting tonight that the Law & Order actor is likely to drop out of the Republican race for the White House if he doesn't garner at least 15 percent of the caucus goers tomorrow.

It's likely that with Sen. John McCain's suddenly rise in Iowa, that Thompson will be hard-pressed to reach that figure.

In a race when it's beneficial to peak just before the caucus, Thompson peaked about three months before he even announced his candidacy. It was downhill from there. 

After announcing, he rose from seclusion noticeably slimmer and gaunt and was criticized for handing out lame, nondescript answers in tandem with a ubiquitous tut-tut and head shake.

Also, The Politico is speculating that Thompson will endorse Sen. McCain, who is good friend. The effects of such a endorsement should be nominal for McCain since he wasn't actively campaigning in Iowa and Thompson's popularity casted nary a blip on the New Hampshire radar.

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