Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Education Of Sleazy Politicians


There is just something so undemocratic about alternative consultation, the bureaucratic buzzword blowing through the hillside of Cal State, East Bay.

CSUEB President Mo Qayoumi seems like a man with a plan to make our campus more than a pit stop for commuting students, except if it wasn’t for a bunch of meddling kids trying to throw a wrench in his vision.

Our student government either feigns ignorance over Qayoumi pushing threw two initiatives to build a Wellness and Rec Center on campus and to insignificantly bolster our sports programs to ho-hum Division II status or they brush off any criticism given to a cumulative $100 increase in fees per quarter.

President Bush is already underwriting my summer school fees, while I dine on the students special of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and tomato soup made from fast food packets of ketchup with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Why is my student government not looking out for my interests?

Four hundred dollars a year would be more helpful in my gas tank rather than towards an investment for which most of the current students will never utilize before graduation.

Associated Students, Inc. Vice President Noel Perez, sounding like a pre-Iraq invasion Hillary Clinton, told The Pioneer last week, that he/she? supported the plan after being misled by the university.

Hiding behind the ignorance of a controversial plan after its downside is publicly revealed is so 2002.

Qayoumi, for his part, seems like a politician bent on legacy rather than the will of the people.

His plan to sow the seeds of greater student pride is an agenda worth following, but not by increasing by increasing fees while criticizing Sacramento for attempting budget cuts for CSU system.

Speaking out of both sides of your mouth is a highly suspect method of leading an institution, but also something he doesn’t seem to do at all with reporters of The Pioneer.

Qayoumi rarely has time for his own university’s newspaper, but when a reporter from the venerable New York Times showed up on campus in February to write about his liberal admissions policy for foreign students he found time for the Grey Lady and even posed for a charming photo most students would find more suitable for the president’s MySpace page.
The big problem is how could alternative consultation ever be seen as more democratic than allowing the entire campus to vote on its merits?

The Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Bob Herbert III believes due to low voter participation the wishes of 13,000 students should be in the hands of a miniscule minority.
Sponge Bob, Sonic the Hedgehog and presumably a little bag of a narcotics calling himself Crack Cocaine thinks a Rec Center and the pleasure of playing Division II powerhouses like Chico State and Cal State, Monterey Bay in golf is a worthy expenditure. The university registrar certified this fact.

The ironic thing is that we live in a society where these types of political shenanigans are a badge of honor among peers and the source of anger for the electorate.

Do you think our student government has learned a thing or two from Washington?
Again, it’s the people who will pay for the rubber stamping for the president’s misguided agenda.

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