Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama The Nominee Votes His Interests, Not yours

Sen. Barack Obama's vote to pass the FISA bill today is certainly being met with a chorus of vitriol. 

Allowing the telecom industry immunity from prosecution after they were complicite with the Bush adminstration's desire to snoop on regular Americans does not seem inline with the campaign narrative of Obama.

Ed Kilgore, substituting for Alex Koppelman at the War Room blog, gets it right when he says the naysayers in the liberal blogosphere are split between those who will eventually forgive and those who won't.

Notice that former Democratic presidential contenders Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. Chris Dodd and Sen. Joe Biden all voted no against the measure. Without the specter of major political ramifications it would seem the trio voted their convictions.

That Obama voted yes would seem to answer one of the primaries most pivotal questions about authorizing the war in Iraq in 2002.

Clinton argued Obama's stance against the war early on carried none of the ramifications she encountered in the Senate because he was merely voting in the Illinois state legislature at the time.

After today, you could venture to guess if Obama was voting on Capitol Hill in 2002 he too would have given the president the thumbs-up for war, too.


While searching for a photo for this posting, I came across this unfortunately photoshopped
photo. To me, Osama bin Laden looks like a cool guy to hang out with.

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