Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Mother Of All Ironies; Gustav Near Big Easy


Despite what the Republican National Committee might think, the name Gustav is not a Swedish derivation for Katrina. It does mean the “staff of God” and for a party so enslaved by the Heavenly powers, the swirling storm aimed at New Orleans can be nothing by God's reckoning.

It is totally the height of irony that a large scale hurricane would move towards the Crescent City and marshal in the same worries and precautions such as evacuating the city two days before the GOP opens its own lovefest in the Twin Cities thousands of miles away.

Reports that the RNC would postpone the convention for hurricane Gustav seem implausible and logistically impossible. A rainout of an event when the climate of a faraway city is the cause is both laughable and a ominous sign of how weak the party actually views itself.

If, indeed, the United States is in the midst of a decades long decline, the handling of hurricane Katrina will occupy of a stinging point in the minds of historians for centuries.

With such stories coming into sharp relief, how can McCain run from the failed policies of President Bush? Do we even need the stark reminders of the tragedy of Katrina to recall that the government nearly let New Orleans die, if it isn't still of life support, anyway.

Do we need to read about another soldier being killed in Iraq to remember that McCain favors continuing the most dangerous foreign policy decision in modern American history.

Postponing the convention on account of a storm thousands of miles away is foolish, the signs of disrepair of in plain sight of every American. Just drive down the street. Pass a gas station and try to remember the last time you filled your gas tank.

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