Friday, September 19, 2008

Americans On The Rebound; Palin Dumped


Several polling services are reporting Gov. Sarah Palin love affair with American voters is over. New poll number are illustrating a precipitous drop in her popularity.

Sorry, Sarah. They once loved you, now they don't. Such is politics.

Why the drop?

It couldn't be because she said something the electorate didn't like. She has not uttered nary a word to one journalist unwilling to parrot the Republican party line. She's still attractive. She didn't wake up one morning flush with acne. She's still the VPilf, as some has called her.

The progressive left, especially bloggers, may have incurred some damage with daily pieces tearing into the Alaskan governor. But, these stories were self-inflicted wounds by the McCain campaign for failing to properly vet Palin.

The campaign should have been ready for Troopergate by simply, as McCain says, doing "a Google" on the controversy. Her daughter's pregnancy, inane white lies on her part and tales of Cheneyesque behavior in Juneau should have been handled before she was ever offered the VP slot.

Yet the power of the liberal netroots cannot take full credit for bringing Palin back to earth. It's the American people's seemingly long memory regarding all-things George W. Bush.

Palin has come across as the true heir to the secretive, arrogant, manna from God type of governance that will be history's record of President Bush.

Believing the United States' role in the Middle East wars are presiding over by Providence is soooo 2002, Sarah. Failing to know the infamous "Bush Doctrine" reminds Americans that Palin is unqualified for the job VP and invokes unease when she lamely stumbles over simple questions a la Bush.

Bob Woodward's latest book on the Bush White House, "The War Within" ends with a brief conversation so littered with nonsense and stark foolishness that it scares the pants off the reader. Is it appropriate for a president to say, "awesome" and describe generals and aides as such?

The pretty cover plastered over Palin is n0w tattered. Americans see that not only does the emperor have no clothes, but the woman seeking to be a heartbeat away does not look good in the nude.

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