Monday, September 08, 2008

Shine Some Norhtern Lights On The 'First Dude'


Sarah Palin this, Sarah Palin that.

The ImPailing Alaskan governor is either beloved by pious(?) Christian conservatives or reviled by the marching, fire-waving liberal media.

Palin may now be the poster child for the wonders of the political vetting process, but the so-called liberal media should begin to focus on first husband, Todd Palin, who is slowly beginning to look like male version of the obstructive former first lady, Nancy Reagan.

The blog at briefly taps into Todd Palin's not-very-unseen hand in Juneau with a posting detailing the governor's recently released stash of emails.
Palin's office claimed most of the undisclosed emails were exempt from release because they were covered by the "executive" or "deliberative process" privileges that protect communications between Palin and her aides about policy matters. But the subject lines of some of the withheld emails suggest they were not related to policy matters. Several refer to one of Palin's political foes, others to a well-known Alaskan journalist. Moreover, some of the withhold emails were CC'ed to Todd Palin, the governor's husband. Todd Palin—a.k.a. the First Dude—holds no official state position (though he has been a close and influential adviser for Governor Palin). The fact that Palin and her aides shared these emails with a citizen outside the government undercuts the claim that they must be protected under executive privilege.
Republicans had concerns over another unelected spouse "meddling" despite the people's will. Her name? First lady Hillary Clinton.

For Hillary's sake, she was somewhat informed and hailed by some as entirely competent. Todd Palin, on the other hand, is a part-time Alaskan fishermen.

If there's a national crisis involving Alaskan king crabs, we'll call you, Todd.

Like the supremely secretive current Veep, Dick Cheney, the Palin's have shown a desire to operate under the radar. They couple has also shown a very vindictive and punitive side with their executive power when it comes to solving personal problems and stifling opposition.

The Alaskan journalist, Andrew Halcro, an apparent political enemy of the Palin's; has frequently asked how Todd Palin can evoke "executive privilege" when his proximity to the governor is sleeping with her. Read Halcro's post here.

The Palin's autocratic behavior in Juneau may simply be the product of the inherent small town atmosphere involved in Alaskan politics even at the highest levels.

But, on the heels, of eight years of government secrecy unmatched in American history, attention needs to be paid to Todd Palin's involvement in government matters and specifically the type of dynamic that may exist between Sarah Palin and her husband on matters of policy and decision-making.

Sarah Palin is not going to make many decisions other than what pants suit to wear during an overseas funeral appearance if she becomes vice president, but her ability to lend herself to secrecy and mischief is worrisome.

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