Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Irrational Unease Permeating Democratic Voters


election'08: the race to clean the place

Despite what the polls say or how the elcctoral map is unmistakably blue in states previously red or the sharpening of knives on the Republican side for John McCain, the word on the street is apprehension and uneasiness over a possibly Obama presidency actually occuring.

Today's New York Times features an interesting dispatch from Jacksonville, FL where black voters are hearing rumors of voter disenfranchisement with absentee ballots.
But amid excitement over Mr. Obama’s historic candidacy and the chance that the country might choose an African-American president within a matter of days, there is an unmistakable sense of anxiety among blacks here that something will go wrong, that victory will slip away.
If anything when it comes to voter disenfranchisement, black voters are the canary in the coalmine. Wherever the rumors that ballots would be destroyed or never counted emanated from, they touch a nerve with black voters who have learned political shenanigans usually start and end with them.

A black voter back in 2004, told the LFR the reason African Americans consistently vote Democratic in presidential elections in the 90 percent range is because "we know we're the first ones to be screwed by the Republicans."

Around the Bay Area, Obama supporters are expressing nervousness over Obama's chances beginning with a small sample of polls--possibly statistical outliers--which show the race significantly tightening. Not mentioned in some of these stories is the fact that for every polls showing the race within the margin of error six or seven show an Obama landslide ranging from seven to 10 points. (Click here for a recent sample of polls.)

Undoubtedly, Democrats are still reeling from having two consecutive presidential races narrowly lost or "stolen", however your level of conspiracy lies.

An Obama victory next Tuesday may do more for the political psyche of Democrats than anything else Obama could possibly do in office.

If McCain can pull off the political equivalent of the Miracle on Ice, the likelihood that a Democrat within this generation could win back the Oval Office might seem grim.

UPDATE, Oct. 29, 4:45 p.m.: Overheard at Starbucks in Castro Valley, Calif., "[Obama] is going to get assassinated and it really makes me sad," said by a woman in her early 20s while awaiting a venti soy mocha latte.

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