Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain Has Lost His Soul In Quest For White House


The Atlantic's Andrew Sullivan has written truly the most terrifyingly insightful paragraph of this presidential campaign.
But they are also very very dangerous. This is a moment of maximal physical danger for the young Democratic nominee. And McCain is playing with fire. If he really wants to put country first, he will attack Obama on his policies - not on these inflammatory, personal, creepy grounds. This is getting close to the atmosphere stoked by the Israeli far right before the assassination of Rabin.
It very well may have started with Sen. John McCain's blatantly callous finger point and "That One" remarks towards Sen. Barack Obama during last Tuesday's debate.

Since then Gov. Sarah Palin and the McCain have helped encourage and condoned frightening discourse and calls for violence against the Democrat. (Read Salon's Glenn Greenwald for a brief rundown of the angry mobs.)

Like it or not, in America 2008, the three worst things you can call a person (in no particular order) are being called a Muslim, a terrorist or a traitor.

"Who is the real Barack Obama," McCain asks at every campaign site.

Conservative hot heads apparently seeing the nail in McCain's political coffin are yelling "Terrorist!", "Kill him!" and "Nobama". Dozens of news reports have detailed this scene at every stop for the last week. What we don't read is any admonishments from the McCain campaign.

It's gotten this bad to where as Sullivan writes, McCain is flirting very close with having blood upon his hands for the sake of gaining the White House.

McCain was once an honorable politician who could display an independent bipartisan streak. To win the nomination, he had to acquiesce to the religious right, therefore, changing the dynamic of his old persona.

This display of anger, violence and stupid innuendo has made McCain one of the most despicable politicians in modern American history.

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