Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Convoy Of Wheelchairs Tries To Hijack Votes

election day'08: the race to clean the place

I voted this morning. My polling is situated in a mobile home park for seniors where voter disenfranchisement could entail accidentally feeding your dentures into the voting machine.

Seniors limped in and a convoy of electric wheelchairs hummed. I'm a voter ready to make my choices and leave. I was only at the polling place for 10 minutes. In that short time, four voters had their ballots rejected by the machine for having too many votes chosen.

The attendant told them they could fill out a new ballot or resend the current one without the offending office or initiative counted. They all choose to resend. The Price is Right is on in five minutes, honey!

While waiting in line to have my ballot authenticated, a disable man in his 50's put his motorized wheelchair in gear, except it went in reverse sideswiping the machine that counts the ballots. He jabbed at the joystick. The wheelchair shimmied forcefully left and right until he was sufficiently attached to the machine.

He grimaced while an older woman walked over to free him. He did not seem to want help though, mumbling something like the "my wheelchair is stuck! Must....get....loose!"

In the meantime, the machine, lightweight with smooth moving wheels rolled around like R2-D2 hitched to the back of landspeeder.

Somehow the man was loosened from the machine and sped out the door saying "I'm crazy", his voicing trailing as he rolled away.

I think he voted for John McCain.

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Anonymous said...

"Vote McCain or your InSane!!!!"