Saturday, November 01, 2008

Despite Good News Democrats Still Fingerbiting


election'08: the race to clean the place

It's a bit odd to refer to supporters of a candidate as "fans" as the New York Times does today on page one.

"Obama Is Up, And Fans Fear That Jinxes It".

Was this a leftover headline from Philadelphia Phillies fans before clinching the World Series Wednesday?

Aside from the odd title, the story from Michael Powell shows maybe Republicans are correct--liberal are wimps!.

Powell quotes one Obama "fan" saying "The only thing worse than losing is to think that you're going to win and then lose."

The sentiment reveals more about this guy than the rest of the Democratic electorate. He sure seems to refute the old saying, "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all."

The repeating nervousness of Obama supporters in numerous articles and countless conversations around the Bay Area is showing less a lack of confidence than an inordinate amount of supreme cowardice.

Voters are issuing the same mantra which involves stolen elections, the dubious tightening of polls and superstition.

One man is even being denied sex from his wife as a precaution against McCain according to the Times piece.

How can Democrats protect the country from terrorist if they tend to wallow in this self-doubting, head in the ground attitude?

True, Democrats have been disappointed in two straight elections, but they are hardly the Chicago Cubs of presidential elections.

Granted, this same anxiety was evident in 2004, yet all the facts are trending towards Sen. Barack Obama this time, whereas, McCain is actually the candidate facing similar roadblocks to the White House, including limited electoral possibilities fairly impossible to overcome.

Obama is the candidate consistently leading with numbers that could easily swell to presidential landslide territory, while holding the cards to far more numerous electoral equations that could equal the 270 needed to win.

It's time for Democratic voters to act like they've won before.

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