Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama's Gonna Take Our Guns, Ma; Let's Go To Walmart


The Los Angeles Times asks today is Obama's election "a turning point in the perception of blacks?"

The view does not sound optimistic according to the feature story. The Dean of Public Affairs at UCLA still gets pegged as a music producer and the observance of "DWB" driving while black still exists.

Ominously, "The image of the black man is fear," said Damian Thompson, 35, to the L.A. Times.

Which leads us to this story in today's Chicago Tribune:
Some say they are worried that the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama will attempt to re- impose the ban on assault weapons that expired in 2004. Others fear the loss of their right to own handguns. A few say they are preparing to protect themselves in the event of a race war.
The worry of gun enthusiasts that an Obama administration would curtail their right to bear arms is unfounded.

Realistically, the smoothing of rhetoric from Democrats for the last four years regarding guns has brought significant electoral cache to the party along with governorships in the now purple-turning Rocky Mountain West.

Of course, as a liberal Obama would love to limit gun rights. This is obvious, yet the fervor to achieve that goal is nowhere near important as making the West blue in states like Montana and the Dakotas.

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer showed the party how to win in the red West playing moderate politics while toting a rifle and camo gear.

What is worrisome and a bit outrageous about the Tribune story is people would actually tell a reporter they see a possible race war occurring.

So, how would this race war start? Obama signs an executive order allowing all blacks to quit paying taxes? Obama enters a room to "Hail to the Chief" with a hip-hop beat?

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